Budi Soehardi – CNN Hero – A Father To The Forgotten

Ok. I gotta warn you. This blog post will be very long. With words, not pictures :p
I rarely share my two cents about life or even share my life story. But here’s one of them.
I am VERY HONORED to be able to spend couple hours with Budi Soehardi this morning, one of the heroes from 2009 CNN Heroes. His work inspire me to do good things for other people and to be a better person. He is very humble person, yet so prestigious and full of wisdom. In his tight schedule, he still give his time to meet me. We went for breakfast and I can’t thankful enough for his time and hospitality. He shared his life experience, ups and downs, and many amazing story and miracles that God has done in his ministry at Roslin Orphanage, his family and his life. He is making Indonesia and the world the better place, one kid at a time. 🙂 Give him some love and please visit Roslin Orphanage’s website at
Budi Soehardi founded a children’s home in one of the poorest areas of Indonesia. Today, Roslin Orphanage in West Timor provides food, shelter and education to more than 100 children.
Read his story on CNN‘s website : CLICK HERE
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And see his cnn heroes award below :

Let me share some story that he shared when I met him. I quote this from Roslin Orphanage’s blog :
It was at the end of August 2012 on one Sunday morning when I was sharing about God’s love in one of the church in Singapore. It was a great service on that day where so many youth are participating and worshiping together. Among the congregations are youth and this is making me happier as the youth are involve in the band , the worship leader and in all activities. As usual I share about God’s goodness and His love and mercy to All of us . I am so thankful for being given the chance to share God’s goodness and worship Him together. After the church service we were having short fellowship at the church and followed by a rather much longer fellowship at a family kind of restaurant. It was a great day and I finally arrived home at 15:30 pm. As soon as I got home and took my shoes off , a phone call rang and pastor Stefanus which I have never met before was asking me if I am able to come to his church . I said yes and will be more than happy to come is I am in Singapore and if my timing is permitting . When he said I am being asked to come on that day I was prompted to ask what time. He said that the service will be held at 17:00 pm. So I was only given one hour and 30 mins to attend the invitation of the pastor from his church to share God’s goodness.
I was not sure why I was saying yes to the invitation then went to sleep for 30 minutes ( was putting the alarm clock next to my head) . when the alarm went off I got up and preparing to attend the church service for the 17:00 pm service. It was a much smaller church if we compare it with the first church which I shared in the morning. There were only 21 people and most of them were people with medical problem, very sick or to some the remaining days are being counted closer and closer. Beside pastor Stefanus , pastor Daniel Ong was there too .
Later after the service was done , I was given the privilege to lead the prayer of a father, Tonny (34) and her daughter Rachel (6) for which the daughter has been in the treatment for almost a year for 3 different types of Cancer. To make things worst,few days erlier she was given another status by the doctor that she was also having Leukemia . Not much of space on her arms to put the needle in as she is so skinny. Amazingly mr Tonny and his daughter Rachel were looking so strong , positive, cheerful and happy during that day. We were so glad to see them that way. Also we are being given a good example by them upon how to deal with facts and how to set our attitude about it. Praise The Lord.
Who am I to pray and to lead the congregation for this poor child. Her condition was making me so small, weak, and so powerless as for the burden and suffering that she has gone through. We are sure that ” nothing is impossible to The Lord and to those who believe in Him”. Based on this understanding I put my face as a brave person and to lead the prayer for this sweet 6 years old girl. It was a simple prayer , nothing unusual and no big words except we are trying to seek God’s mercy and Grace and surrendering all the matters to God Him Self. Soon after the service and prayers are over , I found out that some bills must be paid for the girl’s medical treatment. I was so burdened and willing to participate but as a matter of fact my own financial capability is not that strong ( I will not be able to pay out the remaining of the bill).
Some 3 months earlier , Peggy and I are longing to have a truck to help us with our farming activities. So each month we have been saving what ever we can save from my income. On that day after knowing the facts about the 6 years old girl , I decided to give her what we are saving on that month as a token and a participation upon paying her medical bill.
Later I went home in peace and feeling so privilege for the day turned out to be a beautiful day . I am so privilege to be given the chance to be healthy and able to wake up in the morning, to share God’s goodness in two churches, to lead the prayer for the 6 years old girl who has been under such heavy treatment and also having the privilege to participate to give some funding even though not so much.

Be a Dreamer.

budi-soehardi-cnn-heroes This meeting today with Captain Budi reminds me that impossible is nothing for Jesus and to those who believe in Him. At the end of 2010, I didn’t know what I am going to do and what I will become and what I should do in life. I gave myself up and some thoughts came into my mind. I felt that my life was just that. I couldn’t do anything right. For anybody and for myself. But God has different plan for me and I decided to walk on His path and leave everything to Him. Surrender.
In early 2011, God starting to open doors for me. Many awesome things that I thought never possible happen in my life, happened! Firstly, I made it in wedding photography business. Shot 30 weddings on my first year as first shooter for Melvin Gilbert Photography. And then God let me meet my favorite christian band, The Katinas, in person and participate in some of their event as their photographer (THAT WAS SO COOL..! >__<) (See the photos HERE). Now I can call them friends.
Earlier this year, 2012, I went to WPPI, and met the person who inspire & made me do what I love to do now for living, wedding photographer. And made new friends, cool photographers, new mentors in this industry as well. I got a chance to travels for work to New York City, Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, even to Europe like Paris, Milan, and London doing some engagement / pre-wedding sessions and also editorial photoshoot with Metal Flaque. And today, what seems on Nov 25th, 2011 not possible, it just happened. See my facebook screen capture? I was just one of Budi Soehardi’s fans and admirer. Now I am his new friend.
Ok, let me wrap this up. What I want to share to you is that don’t believing in yourself and never stop dreaming. Take one step at a time and never give up to get whatever you guys dream for. Make many mistakes and learn from it. As Steve Jobs said: You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be louder than your words. Have an amazing 2013.!

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