A Perfect Circle

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A relationship has a beginning, a middle, and an end. When you find that perfect someone though, you want it to always last forever. Working hard to forge a strong foundation and to keep that spark alive, it’s a journey that is continuous. Through this journey, many things can happen. But as love grows between two people, it isn’t long before a person wants to show their dedication and undying love.
I’m sure there are many people out there who just follow suit and buy a ring for their significant other just because it’s something they have seen others do. But what is it really saying when you do? There are many types of rings such as a promise ring, an engagement ring, or a wedding ring. These could also signify the course of the relationship. The promise ring is the beginning, the engagement ring is the middle, and the wedding ring is the one that marks the end of a single life and a start of a married one. The wedding ring should be the end since the relationship has led you to the point where that person is the one that is forever.
But back to the question: what is it that you are really saying when you put a ring on someone? A ring is a symbolic gesture. If you look at a ring, it doesn’t have a beginning. It doesn’t have a middle. And it certainly doesn’t have an end. It goes on forever in a perfect circle. When you place this perfect circle over a person’s finger, the symbolism follows into your relationship. This means that you’re dedicating your life to them since the relationship should continue on forever – just like that circle. So when choosing that “perfect” ring, just keep in mind the meaning of it. It isn’t just a symbol of fleeting love, or something you do when you’ve been with someone for a certain number of years – it’s something that should last forever as your love grows together through the journey of life. With this ring, may your love and dedication always be remembered in the reflection of its shining perfect circle.

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