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    A Perfect Circle

    A relationship has a beginning, a middle, and an end. When you find that perfect someone though, you want it to always last forever. Working hard to forge a strong foundation and to keep that spark alive, it’s a journey that is continuous. Through this journey, many things can happen.

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    Advice to Bride’s on How to Choose the Right Photographer

    Choosing the right professional for your photography needs can be a very daunting task. There are so many out there and you never know what your pictures will be like until they are already taken and given to you. This can be a scary ordeal to consider. Everyone wants their wedding pictures to be perfect. So how do you get the right photographer for you? Well there are no guarantees unfortunately, but here are some ways to help get you on the right track!

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    SpoilerAlert! Kadria & Derek's

    Kadria and Derek were a special couple – one that always wore those contagious smiles and shared an incredible bond of love! Enjoying their engagement session as they visited the Arizona Science Center and Heritage Square in Arizona, I couldn’t get enough of their wonderful attitudes and beautiful relationship! Thanks for the wonderful day you two and congratulations on your very wonderful engagement!

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    2013 – The Best Year In The Making!

    I am so thankful to be able to have one of my wedding sessions published in the Ceremony Magazine 2013.  It makes me so thrilled and excited to finally see my work published! Jacinda and Jonathan’s wedding that took place at the stunning Doubletree Hotel in Monrovia, CA last July was as close to perfection as any wedding has ever been! Check out their full wedding photos HERE. I have always had dreams of becoming a great photographer. Winning my first award in only my first year of photography and then another two awards in my second year, I had started this year off by wondering what new experiences would…

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    “Love Makes the World Go Round” ~ by Lisa

    Love is a beautiful thing that allows life to take on a world of its own. Love, although many find it hard to find, is not only between two people in a relationship, but is also found throughout many aspects of life. Without love, this world would not operate the same way nor have the same meaningfulness...

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    Mary & Javier's "Yours Forever" | Wedding Photography

    It was a magical wedding for Mary & Javier as they had their intimate wedding at their backyard in Baldwin Park, CA area. I had never seen these two as happy as they were that day. Even when I had taken their engagement pictures – which they also looked very content in – they hadn’t seemed as overjoyed as they were in the exact moment that they were able to say “I Do”...